Traje de negocios en China

2013-12-23 18:09 ChineseTime

Business Attire in China

Dress styles are changing quickly in today's China. The uniform-like Mao jacket is being replaced by Western-style suits and, sometimes, ties. Foreigners should dress formally. Women should avoid low necklines and hemlines that rise above the knee. Jewelry will be noticed; modest gold jewelry and a quality watch will count in your favor. However, avoid overly expensive jewelry or showy ornaments.

In Chinese business culture, conservative suits and ties in subdued colors are the norm. Bright colors of any kind are considered inappropriate.

The accepted style of dress for a business meeting in China is conservative - a dark colored, unostentatious suit and tie are customary for men. Women should wear conservative suits or dresses; a blouse or other kind of top should have a high neckline. Stick with subdued, neutral, colours such as beige and brown. Women must take care that their skirts are not above the knees; good quality jewelry that is neither stentatious nor overly expensive, is recommended for making the right impression.

Flat shoes or very low heels are the main footwear options for women due to the emphasis on conservative, modest, dress in Chinese business culture, especially if you are relatively much taller than your hosts. High heels are acceptable only at a formal reception hosted by a foreign diplomat.

Men should wear suits and ties to formal events; tuxedoes are not a part of Chinese business culture.

Jeans are acceptable casual wear for both men and women.



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