Etiqueta de reuniones de negocios de China

2012-12-18 10:43 ChineseTime

This article discusses the Chinese business meeting including how to enter a room for a meeting and the proper seating arrangement for the host and guest(s). This is part of an ongoing series of articles on Chinese Business Etiquette. Doing Business in China for Dummies, chapter 16 has a comprehensive discussion on business etiquette.

Entering the Room
The highest ranking person in your group should enter the room first, followed by the next highest ranking, and so on. If you do not enter in this way, you may confuse the Chinese as to who has seniority. If you need an interpreter to interpret during the introductions, you may make an exception for the order in which he or she enters though. In this situation, it is best not to introduce the interpreter – this way you should avoid causing confusion about the person’s role.
Seating at the Meeting Table

In formal meetings, there are rules on where certain guests should sit. For instance, guests are seated in descending order of rank with the interpreters sitting behind the principle speakers. However, even in less formal meetings, there is still a protocol on seating, in particular, where the principal guest and host should sit. In most cases the principals should sit at the center across from each other.
See below in the illustration for a guide on sitting positions at the meeting table.

Seating on the “Sofa”
For less formal meetings, guests are oftentimes seated on sofas. In this seating arrangement, the principal guest should always sit on the right (or caddy corner to the right) of the principal host. See below in the illustration for a guide on sitting positions on sofas or chairs.


By:Carson Block & Kathy Block

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