Viajes China

  • Té de Longjing del lago oeste
    xī hú wèn chá 西湖问茶( xī hú biān ) (西湖边)tóng shì nán : zěn me yàng , èr wèi ? zhè yí tàng xī hú yóu xià lái gǎn jué bú cuò ba 。 同事男:        怎么样,二位?这一趟西湖游下来感觉不错吧。What do you think, ladies? This trip to West Lake has been pretty good, has...
  • Viajar a West Lake
    (雪梅和同事一起游西湖)同事男:到了,这就是西湖了。Colleague1: Here we are! This is West Lake.雪梅:真漂亮,简直让人难以置信!Xuemei: It’s so pretty…it’s simply unbelievable!同事女:那当然了,不都说“上有天堂,下有苏杭”吗?Colleague2: Of course! Haven’t you heard the saying, “above, there is h...
  • Pidiendo direcciones
    People are usually help when you ask for directions. You should try to have the exact address and be as specific as possible. Telephone directories are the most common source of addresses. Remember that people in Beijing tend to say “go east” or such phrases.
  • Postal y servicio de Cable
    When you are traveling in a foreign country, it is natural that you want to keep in touch with your family and friends through telephones; or you may want to send them postcards. Now all these can be easily realized in China, so you don't have to worry too much.
  • Viajar a Suzhou
    Colleague1: sū zhōu yí dào zhè lǐ wǒ jiù xiǎng zuò shī苏 州   一 到  这  里 我 就  想    做  诗 Oh, Suzhou. When I come here, I feel like writing poetry.Colleague2: bié shū qíng le kuài gěi wǒ men xuě méi jiǎng jiǎng tā kě shì dì yí cì lái别  抒  情   了 快   给  我 们  ...
  • Yangshuo (一)
    阳朔(一)Renhao:wǒ jué dé yáng shuò pō yóu dián ér lì jiāng gǔ chéng de fēng gé , 我 觉  得 阳   朔   颇 有  点   儿 丽 江    古 城    的 风   格 , dōu shì zhè yàng zhǎi zhǎi de xiǎo lù 。 都  是  这  样   窄   窄   的 小   路 。 I think Yangshuo a bit like the ancient town ...
  • Ver espectáculos
    Usually in big cities or resorts there are many opportunities for travelers to watch various shows, not only opera-like universally popular noes, but also many with local features, such as Beijing Opera and Kongfu Show in Beijing, China. Going to watch them is very popular and the tickets are often ...
  • Ropa y recuerdos
    When you are traveling in China, you are provided with a lot of opportunities to buy the clothes of low price and high quality. Of course you can buy can buy some souvenirs to bring back for your family and friends. Silks, tea, porcelains and many Chinese handicrafts are very good choices.
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