Paro:Creative Café donde brillan los vegetales

2012-07-26 10:31 ChineseTime

This two-story café looks like another branch of Grandma’s Kitchen with its cute knickknacks and flowery wallpaper, but the menu is a bit more upscale. The food’s not all the most authentically Western, but it’s quite good for the price, with attractive presentation and many ingredients that are grown organically in the restaurant’s Miyun garden.
Confusion about the nature of Western cuisine is apparent on the menu—the “Italian grilled chicken patty” (RMB68) is more like a quesadilla filled with chicken salad. Toss out the rather Thai-tasting spicy ketchup on the side, and it’s actually very good. Paro is also the first place we’ve seen minestrone (RMB36) made with a pesto-infused, dark green soup, but the veggie mix is good and the pasta cooked perfectly. The sweet prawn salad with avocado and carrot puree (RMB48) is fresh and made with tasty organic carrots.
While the chicken breast salad (RMB48) was overdressed, the combination of sweet pear, bitter endive and savory grilled chicken is an intriguing one. For main courses, we recommend the pan-fried chicken leg with snow peas and snap peas (RMB98), set atop mashed potatoes. Here again, the vegetables shine. The pan-roast salmon fillet (RMB138) is cooked just right, and we loved the dill base to the dish. But make sure you say how you’d like your meat done when ordering the roast lamb chop (RMB98), as ours was quite overcooked.
Service could use some work—we were given a dessert as an appetizer, it was difficult to get dirty plates taken away, and our waitress misidentified the dishes as she served them. But this, like some of the menu kinks, should be resolved with a bit more time.

Our rating: 3/5 stars
What: Paro
Where: 37 Baiziwan Lu, 百子湾路37号
Tel: 010 - 6778-3160

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