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2017-04-19 18:15 ChineseTime

Where to eating Crawfish

1. Spice Spirit

You can have it anyway you like, as long as you can handle the spices. With locations all over the city, Spice Spirit is so convenient if you want to pop in for a quick fix of your crawdad cravings. We like the classic spicy oil-packed crawdads but sometimes we like to change it up a bit. We recommend you try a few fancier options like their crawfish over dry ice (¥159), garlic stir-fried (¥99), or salt-bed fire-roasted at your table (¥169).

Find it: 7/F No. 133 Xidan Bei Da Jie, 西单北大街133号 7层, Tel: 8265-6688


2. Caravan

Don’t get us wrong, the Chinese style of spicy oil-filled crawdads is good, but there’s nothing that compares to an old-fashioned New Orleans-style crawfish boil party. Once a month, Caravan brings their big pots outside on the terrace for some big juicy mudbugs with potatoes, sweet corn, and Zatarain’s crawfish boiling spices. Dig in to a plate of crawfish (¥78) for a cocktail of flavors that hasn’t changed since 1889. The New Orleans way isn’t just about the eating, it’s also all about the party.

Find it: 44 Guanghua Lu (East Second Ring Road), 光华路44号 (东二环), Tel: 8563-0801


3. Feast (Food by EAST)

If you’re looking for a crawfish deal, here it is. Every Friday-Sunday night the Surf & Turf semi-buffet (¥258 per person) has a station just for endless spicy crawfish. The big juicy crustaceans are well cleaned and cooked in a big pot of spices and chili oil that’ll keep you going back to the counter for more. For serious crawfish eaters, Feast offers the best deal in town. You can down a few pots of these bad boys and still tackle the other food stations to order your steak main course.

Find it: 2/F, East Beijing Hotel, 1 9 Jiangtai Xi Lu, 酒仙桥路19号颐堤港2层 Tel: 8414-9820



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