Resortes calientes de Wen Yu Quan Imperial

2016-07-30 09:49 ChineseTime

Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs
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As a Chinese hot springs culture resort, Yu Wen Quan has developed an innovative industry; its open-air hot springs are authentic and self-generating. Not only that, but Imperial Food Restaurant brings together traditional Chinese cuisines from the north and the south, and while every detail of Imperial Villa is healthcare-oriented, there also are plenty of hot spring rooms, restaurants and shops at Xiaotang Food Street. Yunlai Inn also has a hot spring hall, and additional health benefits are derived from professional staff.

Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs
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Winner of such honorary titles as “Pioneer of China’s Hot Spring Tourism Industry”, “China’s Top 10 Most Influential Brands” and “China’s Famous Tourism Brand,” Yu Wen Quan Imperial Resort integrates hot springs leisure, star hotel, conference, business, healthcare, catering and recreation amenities. Its striking architecture is of Tang dynasty (AD618-907) style.

Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs
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Xiaotang Food Street Temple Fair at Imperial Hot Springs Resort

The Xiaotang Food Street Temple Fair at Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs Resort goes far beyond garden variety buffets. Visitors eat, play and stroll around the fair from 6 pm to 10 pm enjoying foods inside and sceneries outside freely with the temple fair tab stamped on the back of their hand. They will see a variety of situational plays such as gambling, and music band and handcrafted grass weaving performed. Furthermore, at 8pm every night, the Seventh T'ai Kung presides over the Lingnan folk ritual titled "T'ai Kung Distributing Pork." Any visitor may eat a piece of pork if he or she acts quickly enough. Each attendee is given a coupon for playing games or to trade for gifts.

Address: Doumen Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai   

Tel: 86-756-5797128

Buses: 609, K4

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