Curso práctico de China

Practical Chinese Course is designed to help students command Pinyin, primary grammar, reading, writing, and all social abilities which they can also use with ease in daily life within a short time.

The whole set contains 300 sentence patterns and 2500 words which are in common use. Besides, it is also equipped with series of multimedia learning material which makes it quite convenient and comfortable for students to learn Chinese in classroom or on line.

Beginner Level >> See demo course
Target people A complete starter
You will learn Chinese phonetics alphabets, 200 commonly used words and 64 sentences patterns.
You will achieve Fluency in pinyin and tones; be able to complete basic daily life conversations;enables a good foundation for further study.

Intermediate Level >> See demo course
Target people Completed level I but still not satisfied with your limited basic conversational level.
You will learn 600 elementary level words, 32 basic grammar points, and 51 Chinese culture notes
You will achieve Enough vocabulary to cover almost everything in daily life. Able to join complex conversations like culture, arts in Chinese.

Advanced Level >> See demo course
Target people Completed level II, willing to learn more advanced Chinese language knowledge, such as grammar, basic characters (reading and writing)
You will learn 1400 intermediate level words, 30 advance grammar points
You will achieve Conversational abilities in everything from friendly chit-chat to edgy trash-talk; able to read and write basic Chinese

Curso práctico de China
We provide live tutor- ing via Skype Lesson for all 7 courses and we provide Online Course for 4 courses. BUY
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