Assiéger Wei au secours de Zhao

2011-11-17 16:50 ChineseTime

In 354 BC, the king of Wei appointed Pang Juan to invade Zhao. Pang Juan led an army of five hundred chariots and headed directly to Zhao to besiege its capital Handan (city in Hebei). The siege of Zhao lasted more than one year without success. Then the king of Zhao appealed to Ci for help. The king of Ci agreed and appointed Tian Ji as the general and Sun Bin as the military advisor to head the Ci army to rescue the besieged Handan (city in Hebei).

  Previously, Sun Bin and Pang Juan had both been disciples studying military strategy under the same master. Both of them became experts, but Sun Bin was more talented than Pang Juan, and Pang Juan was jealous of Sun Bin as a result. Through a vicious plot Pang Juan had Sun Bin's legs broken and his face tattooed so that Sun Bin could never walk again nor appear in public out of shame. Afterwards, Sun Bin pretended to have gone mad and fled to Ci with the help of a diplomat of Ci.

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