Le déficit en oxygène en rivière près de souffle de Tianjin, aucun cyanure trouvé en poissons meurent

2015-08-21 22:19 ChineseTime

A great amount of fish found dead near the Tianjin Blast site. (Photo/Xinhua)

According to tests by the Tianjin Center for Fishery Environment and Aquatic Products Quality Supervision, Inspection & Testing, the large number of dead fish found in a river near the Tianjin blast site died from lack of oxygen, and no cyanide found in their bodies.

Jiao Jianhua, Director of the center said Friday that three samples of dead fish and water at three different spots in the river had been collected and tested on evening of Aug. 20. Tests of the water found neither cyanide nor sulfide. And no cyanide was detected in the fish. The cause of the death was oxygen deficit.(Chinadaily)

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