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  • Ancien instituteur consacre la vie à Aresnal
    Liu celebrates the victory of Arsenal in the English Football Association cup final last month at Wembley Stadium, London. Photo provided to China DailyShe says, her husband who isn't a soccer fan but indulges her "soccer addiction", asks her not to yell in joy, especially while watching matches at ...
  • Passion pour le football scores depuis des générations dans Atushen
    Street football is often an integral part of childhood in Atushen city of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, the city where people's passion for football can be seen everywhere.
  • Top 10 new business leaders in China
    Top 10 new business leaders in China
  • Enfants s'expriment dans concours photo
    Poverty did not prevent children from taking good photographs that touched the hearts of audiences.
  • Pont du centenaire - témoin de la route de la soie maritime
    Luoyang Bridge was built between 1053 and 1059 by Cai Xiang, satrap of Fujian's Quanzhou in Song Dynasty. It strides over the Luoyang River from south to north in the southern suburb of Quanzhou.
  • Rituel antique de pêche qui s'est tenue sur la rivière gelée
    A fisherman broaches a large square ice hole on the Songhua River, Jan 7, 2014. A traditional winter fishing event launched on Tuesday when it was - 40 C on the frozen Songhua River, in Jilin City, Northeast China's Jilin Province.[Photo/Xinhua]A fisherman drags a fishing net on the frozen Songhua R...
  • Dîner de fête Laba Festival en Chine SW
    Residents from 208 households in Luzhou city, Southwest China's Sichuan province, held a dinner party to celebrate Laba Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated to wish for a good harvest on the eighth day of the 12th month of the lunar Chinese calendar, which falls on Jan 8 this year. Peo...
  • Wushu proposé comme sport scolaire
    Students learn wushu at a martial arts center in Gangu county, Gansu province. The national wushu governing body has called for traditional Chinese martial arts to be incorporated into the school curriculum. Chen Bin / XinhuaGood grades in martial arts could help with entrance examIn a bid to attrac...
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