Pin Yin

  • Pinyin chinois Dictionnaire anglais
    Learn Chinese Characters Dictionary Search CharacterType chinese characters, pinyin or radical index. E.g: '好', or 'hao3', or '女+3' Chinese Characters for如 如PinYin:ru2BuShou:女+3Frequency: 12.367‱(v.)in compliance with, according to;like, as, as if;for instance, for example, such as, as遂心如...
  • Tons chinois
    Tones 声调Tones 汉语是有声调的语言。普通话语音有四个基本声调,可分别用符号表示如下。Chinese is a tonal language. There are four basic tones in putonghua as shown by the following tone marks.(1)第一声 The first tone高平调,用声调符号“-”表示,如mē。The High and level Tone shown by "-", eg.mē(2)...
  • Kevin en caractères chinois
    Kevin in Chinese LettersKevin 凯文 kǎi wén 发音要领Essentials of Pronunciationk:舌根送气清塞音。发音部位与g相同,但要使气流猛地从口中冲出。声带不振动。是与g 相对应的送气音。An aspirated voiceless velar plosive. It is pronounced with the mouth in position for "g" , but explodes with a strong pu...
  • PinYin
    PinYin & PronunciationChinese Pinyin is the romanization of the Chinese "written sound". Romanization approximates mandarin pronunciation with Western spellings and includes a tone mark to signify the pitch of a word. Being able to read/write in pinyin builds solid foundation for further Chinese stu...
  • Traduction chinois pinyin
    chinese pinyin translationType in the character to see the pinyin or type in the pinyin to see the character list
  • Comment encourager en chinois ?
    1.Cheer up. You've done a good job.2. Hang in there.chēng xià qu 。撑下去。 3. You are very supportive.nǐ hěn zhī chí wǒ 。 你很支持我。gāo xìng diǎn , nǐ zuò dé hěn hǎo ā 。 高兴点,你作得很好啊。
  • Lettres chinoises
    Letters Chinese << Back to Unit>> Next SectionPronunciation 12345 The basic structure of Chinese syllables汉语语音一般由两部分组成:开头的辅音叫声母,其余的部分叫韵母,韵母a,o,e和以它们开头的韵母可自成音节。Chinese syllables consist of two sections: the initials (the beginning consonant) and th...
  • Les lettres de l'alphabet en chinois
    Letters of The Alphabet in Chinese 123456789 Chinese Pronunciation韵母Finals现代汉语普通话的语音共有三十九个韵母,韵母是由元音或元音加鼻辅音构成的,可分为三类。(1)只包含一个元音的是单韵母,如a,o.(2)包含两三个元音的是复韵母,如ai,ua,iao.(3)包含一两个元音和一个鼻音韵尾的是鼻韵母,如an,üan,eng,iong....
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