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  • Nom du pays en chinois
    201 Country names in Chinese, English and French
  • Grande mosquée
    As one of the most famous mosques in China, Tianjin Great Mosque has been an important Islamic shrine since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Extending over an area of 5000 square meters, the mosque consists of four main structures, the Screen Wall, the Archway, the Prayer Hall and the ...
  • Vie commune Slang - B
    bā bù dé 巴不得 Earnestly wish Wǒ bā bù dé dàng shí néng zài chǎng。 我 巴不得 当时 能 在场。
  • Expressions chinoises
    Chinese ExpressionsPractical Chinese > Beginner Level > How are you?<< Back to Unit>> Next SectionGrammar 12 Key sentence patterns1. 你好! nǐ hǎo! 我wǒI 他tā he我们wǒ menwe 2. 你叫什么名字?nǐ jiào shén me mínɡ zi? 你爸爸nǐ bàbayour father你妈妈nǐ māma your mother >> Nex...
  • Anglais vers chinois Phrases
    English to Chinese PhrasesPractical Chinese > Beginner Level > How are you?<< Back to Unit>> Next SectionVocabulary 123 1你pron.nǐyou2好adj.hǎogood, well3叫v.jiàobe called4什么pron.shén mewhat5很adv.hěnvery6高兴adj.gāo xìnghappy7见v.jiàn to see, to meet8谢v.xièto thank9名字n.míng ziname10...
  • Traduction chinois Caractères
    A Chinese character dictionary with look-up by pinyin, character, and radical/stroke. You can also practice writing Chinese characters.
  • Apprenez Outils chinois
    Learn Chinese ToolsStudy Tools Learn writing CharactersLearn Chinese FlashcardsChinese Proficiency TestChinese Vocabulary TestChinese PronunciationChinese Daily DialogueChinese Family Title500 Common Characters
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