This Is An Amazing Polyphone! — 有趣的多音字“和”

2014-10-16 11:16 ChineseTime

The Chinese character 和 has many pronunciations and varies of meanings.Let me show you the pronunciations and the basic usage of it.


1. hé  表并列

wǒ hé nǐ
You and I

2. hè v. 和谐地跟着唱
(join in the singing)

qǔ gāo hè guǎ
曲 高 和 寡
When your thing is too special, it's hard to find someone to understand.


3. hú v. 打麻将或斗纸牌时赢得胜利
(complete a set in mahjong or a card game)

zhè bǎ pái wǒ hú le.
i won in this mahjong game.


4. huó v. 在粉状物中加液体搅拌或揉弄使有粘性
(mix (powder) with water, etc)

huó miàn  
knead dough


5. huò v. 把粉状或颗粒状物掺在一起,或加水搅拌使成较稀的东西;洗东西换水的次数或一剂煎药的次数。
(mix;blend;times for changing the water when washing colthes)

huò xī ní
mess around

yī fu xǐ le sān huò
wash the clothes for three times

Pay attention to:in the word"暖和"which means warm,和=huo.

和 is really an amazing character!

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