Bar dan klub malam jalan-jalan di Shanghai

2012-02-23 12:10 ChineseTime

Bar and nightclubs; just as shops, streets and the bund; is one of the necessary parts of Shanghai nightlife. And bars and nightclubs is in some extend the representation of the night in Shanghai. Many bar streets, collections and famous special clubs are growing year after year.

Hengshan Road Bar Street in Shanghai

Hengshan Road is the oldest and also the biggest bar street in Shanghai. This place was in the past a top grade uptown in the French concession; but now it is the site of the concession. European style architectures are along this road one after another: small foreign buildings also the bar houses, open air court yard and so on. Two lines of bushy chinars standing along road add more exotic favor. As is located in the former French concession area and with many consulates near by, it is the heading place for expats, tourists, and students from abroad. Connected to Huaihai Road and Xujiahui, Hengshan Road is quiet and relax, and more popular by foreigners. You will the communication is so easy in this road even the local people here can speak frequently English. This is a busy street but busily in quiet. When the lights are lit, it is under the charming night. In summer night time lots people will have a drink and whisper out side the bar. The mainstream of this street is the bar, and there are teahouses, hotels, hairdressing rooms, disport centres, restaurants and galleries as well. Many well known bars are from Hengshan Road such as Sasha"s Bar, Cotton Cub, O"Malley"s, Paulaner Bar, Real Love and much more. There are popular eateries: La Villa Rouge, Keven cafe, Restaurant & Bar of Tibet and so on. In this bar street you can even find exquisite gifts stores. San Zu Wu is a shop special for traditional folk craft goods, and as all the wares are hand made by vendor"s mother. Orden Bowling Centre is a newly opened sports centre in Hengshan Road, and it is worthy to go. If you what to experience the first choice will be Hengshan Road.

Xintiandi Bar Street


Xintiandi is a hot bar street in Shanghai. It is the eating, shopping and amusement center with the Stone gate (Shikumen) as the main architectures. Many restaurants, cafe houses and bars have both indoor and out door seatings. Xintiandi seems like the paradise for youth and crazy peoples. It has a more active nightlife than Hengshan Road and it is busy in both weekdays and weekends. Whenever the dark falls down, Xintiandi will be bright and all the lights will start to work. The wonderful Xintiandi nightlife supersedes its busy day life. At this time handsome boys and beautiful girls stroll in ease in squares, every where the open air seats is packed of various people. Meandering in Xintiandi as if the time turns back to the old Shanghai-ancient building (not high), aged flagging, the red brick wall, the massive black gate... All these bring people back to the 1920s and 1930es of this city. Xintiandi Bar Street is a collection of public house in European style. Club G Plus is the sign of the fashionable nightlife in Shanghai. Besides, ARK, Soho, Dr Bar, Luna, K2 Jazz, Barana, Fushion Star East etc with their unique style and decor are the attractive bars there.

Tongren Road Bar Street

Tongren Road is between Yan"an Road and Nanjing Road. Tongren Road is a newly bar street in Shanghai, but it is now famous as Hengshan Road. As a place of gathered bars, at night, it will wake up. Atmosphere there is totally different as soon as after dark. When people want to get some drinks and look for some action they will think about Tongren Road. With high reputation among foreigners and expats, it is one of the most popular streets shanghai at night. No one can restrain themselves from the amazing nightlife there. Many bars are branches from Maoming Road, and also are the excellent ones. Every night this road is full of passion to welcome people from all over the world. Tongren Lu bar street was under the direction of the government. It is now a top grade and decorous street. And bats there are selected by brands and quality. Bars now are of all kinds of unique style such as American jazz, Thailand style, Mongolia style, traditional Chinese style and others. Famous bars there are Java"sBar, Manhattan Bar, Blue Frog, Malone"s, Spy, Fillmore, G-SPOT, Judy's Too, La Belle and so on.

Maoming Road South Street

Maoming Road South Street refers to the part from Fuxing Road to Yongjia Road. It was once as well-known as Hengshan Road. But as it is too noise at night, it has experienced much more including several times of prosperity and stagnancy. It is filled with fairly casual bars from noisy dance bar to quiet drink & music bar, from jazz clubs to party house. 
Clubs and bars are in a randan like the blossom flowers at night. Almost all the public houses are in English name that is the one of the reason of attracting foreigners. The splendid Shanghai can be much more easily found at night. Tourists praised bars are Baby Face, Judy "s Too, Windows bar, DNA Bar, Blues & Jazz, Blue Frog, Long bar, Dennis, July 7. Best time to there is after dark in summer season.

Yandang Road

Yandang road is pure leisure street and bars along street are ladylike. This street famous for its "French Week" every year becomes more and more popular. It is a 24-hour run pedestrian street with the help of those sleepless bars. When dark begins to fall in this road, Yandang Road also starts its casual and quiet but charming night life. Many famous bars in Hengshan Road and Maoming Road set branches here such as Baby Face, Park Face. It is a romantic bar street in the exotic flavor and full-bodied European color. Buildings along both two sides are not tall and in dignity & elegant maple colour. Every generic "houses"- public houses, coffee house, lounges and so on is impressive.

Julu Road Bar Street

Bars in Julu Road are gathered in a part from Fumin Road to Changshu Road. It is a distinctive street different from Hengshan Road, but it is also a fresh rising bar street. Bars along this road stand up one after another behind the chinars. During forenoon time this bar street sleeps quietly. So it is not a good choice to go there in daytime. At night it wakes up but still whist mix with aliveness. Julu Road is far away from the uproar street in city center, but is well known for its bar and European style architecture complex. Villas throng to this area. Having a relax convention over drinks and watch those buildings around, you will found yourself as if is in a dream land. Bars along Julu Road are not in shining decor but it is honest and simple. Julu Road can bring people hard-won peace.




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