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Learn Mandarin Chinese Free!

67 online Chinese lessons with audio, examples and translations. All texts and dialogs in mp3 format for download. This series of  lessons focus on the daily dialogs, which is very useful if you want to quickly master some spoken Chinese before you travel to China.           


learn Chinese in 5 Minutes a Day
This method is adequate for those who are learning to speak Chinese
and want to gain fluency in everyday speaking.


Reading and Writing Chinese           
If you want to learn more Chinese language, you can use our series, this series are pubished already through East China Normal University. The online course are composed by a lot of audios, movies, and exercise, check the demo Chinese course


Start now! (Learn Chinese, free online audio courses & tools)

Lesson 1 How are you &Phonetics

Introduction to the Pinyin, the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, the four tones.First conversation.


500 most common Chinese Characters

Review ,writeand memorize online chinese lessons vocabulary. Characters, pinyin and english definition.



  • Lesson 2 How can I get to the bus station?

    Lesson 3 Where is MaoMing road?

    Lesson 4 Can you tell me how to get to ...?

    Lesson 5 Which one is Mr. Ma's office?


  • Lesson 7 What will it be after the clear weather?

    Lesson 8 It's so muggy those days in Shanghai.

    Lesson 9 I hope we can have some snow this winter

    Lesson 10 But last year we had a big one.

    Lesson 11 I'm going skating in Jilin province next month.

    Lesson 12 Next week, there is a typhoon coming

    Lesson 13 The cold air from Siberia is coming to South




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