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  • Beijing Liyuan Perpustakaan
    lí yuàn shū wū wèi yú běi jīng jiāo qū de huái róu xiǎo zhèn 。 篱苑书屋位于北京郊区的怀柔小镇。
  • Weekend Vintage Fair in Guomao June 14-15
    Weekend Vintage Fair in Guomao June 14-15
  • Budaya Liulichang Street
    Liulichang Culture Street has a history of more than 700 years. Liulichang has long been a cluster of time-honored shops such as the Rongbaozhai and Cathay Bookshop.
  • Sumber buku bahasa Inggris di Beijing
    Gone are the days when your best bet for picking up an English novel in Beijing was browsing through the limited selection at the Foreign Language Bookstore in Wangfujing. With the availability of online bookstores and kindles, accessing foreign books has never been easier. Call us old fashioned how...
  • Beijing hutong surga bagi hipsters
    The takeaway store Jamaica Me Crazy has become a favorite among the young and hip. Provided to China DailyMany of Beijing's ancient hutong - alleys formed by the outer wall of courtyard homes - have been erased from the cityscape to make way for new roads and high rises in recent years, much to pres...
  • Pasar antik Beijing
    Tianya Antique City -- Posh Antique BoutiquesBeijing antique markets run the gamut in terms of style, and places like Tianya Antique City are a world apart from blankets on the ground, covered in dusty items.The building is an imposing nine stories of boutique style stores, each selling their own sp...
  • Liyuan Perpustakaan di Beijing
    Rows of firewood are the first impression of Liyuan Library, which sits beside a pond surrounded by mountains in the Huairou district of Beijing. On a day when the tranquility is broken only by birdsong, it is "a setting for clear thoughts" as the building's designer describes it.Designed by Chinese...
  • Beijing Yingshi internasional lelang
    Beijing Yingshi International Auction will preview 58 lots of Chinese ink paintings and porcelain that will go under the hammer in its spring sales. Highlights include The Scene of Jackdaws Returning to Nests, a Song Dynasty (960-1279) painting featuring a primitive and unsophisticated approach. Ano...
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