Business in China

  • Peluang baru bagi pengembangan hubungan Cina-Austria
    New opportunity for development of China-Austria ties
  • Komisaris melihat kesempatan 'terbatas'
    Clearer already granted trading settlement and yuan-clearing licenses in HK
  • Pertama TCM platform online diluncurkan
    The first traditional Chinese medicine to be featured on an online medical platform has been launched in a bid to provide people with access to health management services using mainly TCM.The platform called Yiling Health Center, was started by the Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co, which is own...
  • Jenis investasi asing yang diizinkan di Cina
    Branch Offices Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures Sino-Foreign Cooperative Joint Ventures
  • Pakaian bisnis di Cina
    Dress styles are changing quickly in today's China. The uniform-like Mao jacket is being replaced by Western-style suits and, sometimes, ties. Foreigners should dress formally. Women should avoid low necklines and hemlines that rise above the knee. Jewelry will be noticed; modest gold jewelry and a ...
  • Melakukan bisnis di Cina: lima tips untuk sukses
    London (CNN) -- As western countries remain mired in financial turmoil, business people are looking to get a foothold in China, hoping to tap its growth and expanding middle class.Solid economic expansion, coupled with a rapid market transformation and a series of government reforms, mean China -- t...
  • Bisnis hiburan
    Evening banquets are the most popular occasions for business entertaining. Generally, they start between 5:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. and last for two hours. Guests should arrive on time. Chinese hosts and counterparts will probably be present before the proceedings officially begin. Banquets are hosted wit...
  • Sepuluh prinsip-prinsip melakukan bisnis di Cina
    Since the 1840s, Western companies have dreamed of the riches a country as large and – since 1978 – as dynamic as China would generate for them. Some have succeeded: General Motors would have found it much harder to re-emerge from bankruptcy without its profits from China. Many, though, have found...
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