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Makanan Cina

  • Doufuhua
    豆(dòu) 腐(fu) 花(huā) is a Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding and soybean pudding.
  • XiaSha Shaomai
    Bamboo shoots in spring are tender and fresh after the spring shower. Xiasha Shaomai (steamed dim sum) made in Pudong, Shanghai directly uses fresh bamboo shoots and meat as the stuffing to wrap a graceful shape of peach blossom. When cooked, the stuffing and extract are spilling-over and appetizing...
  • Delapan unik dari Qinghuai — — Guotie boneka daging sapi
    The most significant feature of the Beef-stuffed Guotie is sweet and salty with the crispy skin and the succulent fillings. If you bite the Guotie at a gulp, the juice will spray, however if you bite too implicitly, you won't enjoy yourself to the full. Jiangyouji is a 100-year-old restaurant and fa...
  • Lei Cha
    lèi chá , shènɡ chǎn yú chánɡ dé , yòu mínɡ sān shēnɡ tānɡ , shì yì zhǒnɡ tè sè shí pǐn 。 擂茶,盛产于常德,又名三生汤,是一种特色食品。Lei Cha, or ground tea, is a traditional Hakka tea-based beverage. It is made of tea leaves, peanuts, rice, sesame seeds, beans, salt, ...
  • Huaiyang kelezatan di Shenzhen
    The bounty of the Yangtze River inspires a special regional cuisine at Shang Garden, Lin Baiyu reports in Shenzhen.Huaiyang dishes, mainly from the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, are known as "the first good taste of the Southeast". This cuisine is a specialty of the Shang Garden at ...
  • Kue Tingzhou lampu
    Lamp Cake is the favorite fried snack of people in the west of Fujian province and its name derives from its appearance which is similar to a type of flat lamp in ancient China.
  • Cara membuat roti labu
    How to make pumpkin buns
  • Tian Yuan Huang di Suzhou
    Step into this market and to the left you’ll see stacks of rice cakes resembling large bars of soap being sold à la carte and packaged into gift boxes.

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