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  • Studi di luar negeri di Hangzhou
    zài háng zhōu liú xué 在 杭 州 留 学 Study abroad in Hangzhou
  • Siswa untuk membuat tanda mereka dalam kaligrafi Cina
    Students out to make their mark in Chinese calligraphy
  • Cina-mengajar jurusan menghadapi prospek suram pekerjaan
    Osei Boateng, a Ghanaian student at Jiangsu University who is learning Chinese, shows Peking opera masks during a visit to a community theater in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, in March. Shi Yu Cheng / for China Daily
  • Cina pendidikan memperoleh popularitas di kalangan pelajar-pelajar asing
    While many Chinese parents send their children to schools abroad under the pressure of an exam-oriented educational system, a growing number of foreigners are discovering the merits of Chinese education.
  • Bagaimana mendaftar Universitas di Cina
    Welcome to study in China for the academic year 2013/14.You will be required to register with the University for each year of your studies in order to:1. Attend your programme of study2. Access University facilities including the library and IT services3. Access your student loan (if you have applie...
  • Apa yang harus dilakukan oleh siswa jika permohonan visa ditolak
    When applying for a visa, it cannot be sure that the applicant will get it, they sometimes will be refused. Usually there will be embassy’s seal stamped on last page of passport of applicants whose application do not get through, the seal indicates that applicant with this passport haven’t been is...
  • Best 10 Business Schools in China
    When choosing a foreign business school, the teaching force is an important standard to judge the strength of the school. All the following 10 commercial colleges have abundant teaching force. They are your first choice to study in China.
  • Go to school – designing or being designed
    Annually, early spring and early autumn in China are the end of holidays and the commencement of schooling. After the spring festival, the children begin to worry about their boring duration in school since the notification of schooling arrives. So after the summer vacations of China, the different ...
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