Sepuluh Universitas Cina yang menawarkan kesempatan magang

2013-06-21 17:56 ChineseTime

With China’s economy booming, some big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai are becoming more and more internationalized, so many international students all over the world are crowding into China’s universities to learn Chinese language and other programs, most of which try to find jobs in China after graduation even settle down in China. However, the language and culture barriers make it hard for them to get used to China’s mechanism and job market, most people simply find jobs like English teachers and others the like, it is lucrative but too far from their expectations. As it is, let’s see what Chinese universities offers valuable opportunity of internship for you to gain work experience before your graduation.

No.1 Hubei Normal University
Hubei Normal University cooperated with Zhongshan Primary School and established the first Huangshi city’s international student education practice base

No.2 Xidian University
The university signed agreement on jointly training international students and co-established internship bases with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and Zhongxing Communications Co. , Ltd those outstanding IT enterprises, part of international students will be selected to take internship in those enterprises, and internship subjects are designed jointly by enterprise and university’s tutors, and international student will complete their internship under the guidance of the tutors. Relying on the discipline advantages of electrical information and the excellent teaching and research resource, Xidian University speeds up the implement of “Carry out both talent and qualities strategy, reform the mechanism of electrical information majoring international students’ educational system” this experimental project of China’s educational system reformation, and on the basis of the existing development achievement, the university continuously integrates social forces from enterprises to make those forces work for international students education, and formulated flexible international students education system.

No.3 Wuhan University
Hubei Province Pharmaceutical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Medical College of Wuhan University has labs with an area of 1,687 square meters; it is equipped with advanced instruments and devices for undergraduate teaching, and provides large and conventional instruments for teachers and graduates in Wuhan University as well as the teachers, students and overseas undergraduates of other universities in Wuhan. The center receives the training of over 30 experimental teachers from universities in Hubei province, admits exchange visit of teachers and experts from medical schools home and abroad, provides service like drug analysis for pharmaceutical enterprises in Hubei province, in which it plays radiation and exemplary role, becoming a modern and standardized experimental teaching center with important influence among the others of the same subject in Hubei province.

No.4 Xi’an Shiyou University
The university cooperates with Changqing Oilfield to offers guidance for the whole process of international student’s internship.

No.5 University of Science and Technology
University of Science and Technology cooperates with Chengde Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd, Wuhu Xinxing Casting Iron Pipe Co. Ltd and Shougang Group to jointly cultivate master of engineering graduates.

No.6 Capital University of Economics and Business
Educational Technology Center of Capital University of Economics and Business employs intern, graduates can work there after completion of the internship if agreement is reached, and it cooperates with CIBC, CMSB and many banks to develops summer internship

No.7 Xiamen University
Established “Stone Arts and Culture Communication” with Xishi Group, and built School-enterprise strategic cooperation relationship with Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital.
No.8 Huazhong University of Science and Technology
“Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base” is founded under the appeal of Central Communist Youth League and Provincial Community of Youth League, the base aims at promoting youths’ employment and entrepreneurship. It is founded under market mechanism, and on the basis of post demand and all enterprises. The “Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base” mainly provides internship opportunities for Huazhong University of Science and Technology’s new graduate students and unemployed graduates, and create conditions for them to improve working skills and increase working experiences.

No.9 Tianjin Medical University
Tianjin Medical University jointly established teaching internship base with Disease Prediction and Controlling Center.

No.10 Ningbo University
Established graduate internship bases with Jiaochuan Academy, Siming High School and so on, and jointly set up internship bases with many logistic enterprises such as Jiulong International Logistic Co. Ltd.

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