• 80 hours Private Lessons (valid for 12 months), buy more, save more!
    80 hours one-on-one lessons, buy more, save more!
    • Original: 1188,00 USD
      Now: 1069,20 USD
      Saving: 118,80 USD
      Each cost: 13,37 USD
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  • 40 hours Private Lessons (valid for 6 months)
    Learn Chinese with a private teacher. What’s the best approach to learn a language? Practice, practice and practice!
    • Original: 748,00 USD
      Now: 673,20 USD
      Saving: 74,80 USD
      Each cost: 16,83 USD
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  • 20 hours Private Lessons (valid for 3 months)
    Learn Chinese with a private teacher, with our teacher's help, you can improve your Chinese more effectively. The lesson schedule is flexible, you just need book it 24 hours in advance, and all our teachers are professional and patient. Start practicing your Chinese now!
    • Original: 410,00 USD
      Now: 369,00 USD
      Saving: 41,00 USD
      Each cost: 18,45 USD
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  • 10 hours Private Lessons (valid for 2 months)
    10 hours one-on-one lessons, a good start to learn Chinese
    • Original: 228,00 USD
      Now: 205,20 USD
      Saving: 22,80 USD
      Each cost: 20,52 USD
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