A.General Question
1.Who is Chinesetime?
Chinesetime was founded in 2006 in Shanghai, China. As one of the earliest online Chinese training platforms, we are dedicated to provide you the most effective Chinese learning by innovative online courses and 1-to-1 professional Skype lessons. Together with many other carefully designed learning activities, we ensure that your learning experience with us will be effective and fun.
2.What is  learning system?
Our online learning platform provides you all resources that are necessary for effective Chinese learning. Based on a blended learning approach, we build up our  Chinese learning system. This system emphasizes four essential steps you should take for an effective learning: learn, practice, connect and explore.
Our approach for learning is communicative, carefully paced and setting priorities. The online courses and Skype lessons provide adequate interaction to enhance the engagement and autonomous learning of students. You can choose your own pace or purpose to learn and to set priorities. For example, we have specialized course for pronunciation to help you learn spoken Chinese as the first step to ‘break into’ Chinese tonal language system.
Our approach for practicing is to have fun. All our courses are supported by visualized and interactive online exercises. These exercises reinforce the lessons in a fun and efficient way. We have practices for pronunciation, characters writing, dialogue, and vocabulary test.
Our approach for connecting is to share and to get inspired. You can create links to the global Chinese learning community. It is not only a motivational booster, but also an excellent way of identifying problems you might have with Chinese learning and get helped from your study partners.
Our approach for exploring is to understand. To become a confident Chinese speaker, you need to understand not only the language but also the people and the country. Culture immersion, provided under the channel of ‘explore’, is essential for you to make meaningful communication, and to continue and expand your learning experience.
3.What products and services do you offer?
You can follow our various online courses to learn Chinese for your own study purpose. You can also book Skype lessons with our professional Chinese teachers for one-on-one live tutoring. For detailed information, seeCourses.In addition, there are many online learning tools that can help you in Chinese learning, including Chinese level test, Chinese vocabulary test, Chinese character writing test, pronunciation test, and community that connect you with the other Chinese learners from all around the world. We also provide you a one-stop platform for the information about Chinese culture and society. You can use this platform for expanded learning, enhancement of culture awareness, and resource of further reading materials.
We would like to provide you all-around learning experience. We are in process of developing HSK preparation website and App, as well as China Q&A App. They will be released very soon.
4.How to learn Chinese at your website?
First you need to register at our website by clicking the button of ‘sign up’. After you finishing the registration, you will be automatically directed to the page for learning. At the learning page, you can start to learn Chinese. If you are already a registered member, you can go directly to the learning page by clicking ‘learn’ at our main page.
As the first time user, you need to choose the proper course that suitable for your own Chinese level and study purpose. Please go to Courses for a course overview. Then you need to buy courses at ‘Buy Course’ before you can follow a complete online course.
According to our HANYU-360 learning system, the 1st step is to‘Learn’. This is your main learning page. You can follow your course, book a Skype lesson with our Chinese teachers, do exercises, check your study progress and buy new courses.
The 2nd step is to‘Practice’. You can here make use of our various learning tools, such as vocabulary test, pronunciation test and writing test, etc.
The 3rd step is to‘Connect’. You can here connect with other Chinese learners, find a study partner, share your learning experiences, and get inspiration from each other.
The 4th step is to‘Explore’. You can here explore more about Chinese language and culture.
B.Practical Questions
5.I know nothing about Chinese, how can I start?
Don’t worry. We have course for a complete beginner. And our Chinese teacher can make a study plan customized by your own pace.
6.I am busy, is that possible to make a study plan according to my schedule?
Yes. You can follow our online courses whenever you have time. For Skype lessons, you can make appointment with Chinese teacher when it suits you.
7.I learned Chinese before, how to choose suitable online course?
If you learned Chinese, we would like to invite you to do the test for your Chinese level. Based on the result of the test, we will recommend you suitable online course.
8.How to book a Skype lesson?
You need to first install Skype in your computer. After you buy Skype lesson, you can make an appointment with our teachers and they will guide you how to operate.
9.What is the structure of course?
We have 7 kinds of Chinese courses. We provide live tutoring via Skype for all these 7 courses, and 4 of them can be combined with the study of our online course. You can follow online course anytime you want. You can book Skype lesson in advance with our teachers for a one-on-one private tutoring. Our teachers will make a study plan especially for you depending on your own study pace and progress.
10.How long does a Skype Lesson take?
One Skype lesson will take one hour. Our teachers will make an efficient study plan for each lesson.
11.How do I know my study progress?
Click ‘Learn’ from anywhere of our website, you will see a navigation bar at the right side. Click ‘Progress Report’, which is the 4th button in the navigation bar, and then you will see your progress report.
12.Can I practice my pronunciation?
Yes. We provide practice specifically for pronunciation. Click ‘Practice’ from anywhere of our website, you will see ‘Chinese Pronunciation’ as the 5th button in the navigation bar at the right side.
13.How can I learn to write Chinese character?
We provide practice specifically for writing Chinese character. Click ‘Practice’ from anywhere of our website, you will see ‘Learn Chinese character’ at the 3rd button in the navigation bar at the right side.
14.Can I test how well I have learned?
You can always test how well you grasp Chinese by taking ours online tests. Click ‘Practice’ from anywhere of our website. The first and second button in the navigation bar at the right side will lead you to our tests.
15.I want to learn together with my friend, is it possible? What’s the benefit?
Yes, it is possible. You can invite your friends by clicking ‘Connect’ from anywhere of the website, and then clicking ‘Invite’ at the 5th button in the navigation bar at the right side. If you invite your friends, you and your friends will enjoy free online course for one week!
16.How can I exchange my learning experience with others?
In our Chinese Learning Community under ‘Connect’, you can communicate with other Chinese learners, asking questions and sharing learning experiences.
17.I want to know more about China and Chinese culture, is it possible?
Yes, it is possible at Chinesetime. You can have extended reading regarding almost every aspect about China and its culture, including society, news, history, travel, food, family relations, etc. Just click ‘Explore’ from anywhere of the website.
18.I want to learn Chinese while I am travelling in China. Is this possible?
Yes. We provide ‘travel-study’ service. You can learn Chinese with us at the same time when you are travelling in China. For more information, please click ‘Travel-study Service’ at the bottom of our main page.
19.I want to have Chinese language training for the employees of our company, do you provide service for corporate?
Yes, we do. We are experienced in providing professional service for corporate. We can offer the most cost-effective customized course for your company. For more information, please click ‘Corporate Service’ at the bottom of our main page.
C.Price and Payment
20.How do you charge?
We have different pricing for online course and Skype lesson. For detailed information, click here Buy Courses.
21.Do you have any promotion?
Yes. We will have promotion on our products from time to time. Promotion will be announced on our website. Or you can follow us at our Facebook page the latest promotion information.
22.How to buy course and how to make payment?
Click ‘Learn’, and then click ‘Buy Course’ at the bottom of the navigation at the right side. You can choose the package you want. The payment can be made through PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account, you can also pay directly by credit card.
23.After the payment, how can I start my study?
You can follow any of our 7 online courses once you buy the package of online course. If you buy Skype lesson, you can make an appointment with our teachers to book a Skype lesson. Our teachers will also contact you immediately about what to prepare and how to proceed for the lesson.
24.How to buy more Skype lesson or online course?
If you finished all your Skype lesson and want to have more, just follow the same procedure under ‘Buy Course’ and make the payment. If your package of online course expires, you can buy another package to continue your study.
25.What if I forget my password?
Click ‘forget password’ in the sign in page. Submit your username or email address and your new password will be sent to your email.
26.Why didn’t I receive any notification email after I registered?
It may be sorted as a spam email. You can check your email box again in spam, trash, or other sub-category.
27.How to switch the language interface?
Move the mouse to the upper right corner of the site, there is a language selection box. Move the mouse on the box, and a drop-down menu will pop up for language selection.
28.How to edit my profile?
After you signed in, move the mouse to the upper right corner at your profile picture. A pull-down menu will pop up. Following the options showed in the menu, you can edit your profile.
29.Does Chinesetime have mobile phone applications?
Currently, our website supports the use under the Android, IOS, and tablet. We are in progress of developing two types of APPs, HSK Training and China Q&A. They will be released soon, so stay tuned.