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Chinese Ancient Bed-gui-fei-ta-from-chinese-time-school

Guigei Couch Bed
gǔ shí gòng fù nǚ xiǎo qì yòng de tà
古 时  供   妇 女 小   憩 用   的 榻

Generally speaking,there are four kinds of beds in ancient China, including couch bed, Luohan bed, canopy bed and Babu bed. Both the third and the fourth beds is only for sleeping, the first two beds had the function of a bed and a sofa. In ancient Han dynasty, Chinese people’s living style was setting and sleeping on the ground, so the living room center was around the host’s sleeping place. Until the latest generation, couch bed and luohan bed ‘s main function was inviting guests. Especially in Qing dynasty, it became a rule of etiquette.

Chinese Word: 小憩 [ xiǎo qì ]--> 休(xiū) 息(xi) 一(yí) 会(huì) :have/take a rest

Couch bed——榻(tà)
Couch bed was found in the late Western Han dynasty, spelling as “榻 [ tà ]”. The couch bed don’t have any handrail. At that time, it was a thing to sit on. This couch bed is convenient to carry around.

learn Chinese Ancient Bed-Luohan-Couch-bed-from-chinese-time-school

luó hàn chuáng ,( mí lè tà) yì bān tǐ xíng jiào dà ,
罗  汉  床     , (弥 勒 榻) 一 般  体 形   较   大 ,
yòu yǒu wú shù yāo hé yǒu shù yāo liǎng zhǒng lèi xíng 。
又  有  无 束  腰  和 有  束  腰  两    种    类  型   。

Luohan bed——罗(luó) 汉(hàn) 床(chuáng)/弥(mí) 勒(lè) 榻(tà)

Luohan bed refers to a bed fixed with three solid board railings. The bed was designed in Ming dynasty style. For the function of the Luohan bed, it is determined by the size. One can be both used as a bed and a sofa. The smaller bed can also be used as a sofa. The ancient people always place it in the hall, which was a big living room, for relaxation in the daytime or at night.

Learn-Chinese Ancient Canopy-bed-from-chinese-time-school

Canopy Bed—— 架(jià) 子(zi) 床(chuáng)

Canopy bed is a classical Chinese Ming dynasty bed. There is nothing more beautiful than a canopy bed, because it is decorated with many cultural carving. On top of the bed there covered with a piece of wood to protect from the dust, and on three sides of the bed, it is surrounded with fences. A canopy bed creates an atmosphere of simple elegance or antique charm for the young and the old.


bá bù chuáng duō zài nán fāng shǐ yòng ,
拔 步 床     多  在  南  方   使  用   ,
yīn nán fāng wēn nuǎn ér duō wén yíng ,
因  南  方   温  暖   而 多  蚊  蝇   ,
chuáng jià de zuò yòng shì wèi le guà wén zhàng 。
床     架  的 作  用   是  为  了 挂  蚊  帐    。

Babu Bed——拔(bá) 步(bù) 床(chuáng) / 八(bā ) 步(bù) 床(chuáng)

Since it is a bulky bed, the Babu Chuang is hard to move. There are very few that remain today. The Jiajing Emperor in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) firmly believed in Taoism, and it influenced a lot of the furniture styles. There are always “寿”(Longevity) and “福”(Happiness) carved on the bed.


Babu Bed

The most important thing in your bedroom is the bed. To select one that is a wise choice depends on your lifestyle. Nowadays, Chinese antique bed such as the Luohan bed and the canopy bed turn into a kind of comfort in Asia and western countries. The pillows and cushions with ancient Chinese calligraphy motif are often fit with the ancient Chinese couch bed and Luohan bed, which create an intimate atmosphere with your friends.

Canopy Bed


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