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Do-not-want to travel without pet check this out

For pet owners, a major concern about embarking on a trip is the time spent away from home without taking their beloved animals.

It is impossible for them to fully enjoy the trip while their companions are left behind, whether with friends or at a pet shop.

Bai Lian, a Shanghai resident with a five-year-old Pomeranian, had to cut her recent vacation to France in half because she was worried about her dog. She had sent her dog to her aunt's home in Shanghai.

"It would be rather excruciating for a dog to be taken on public transport, or a plane. Dogs are not even allowed on trains," she said. "And dogs are not allowed either in many public areas in China, such as hotels, and even parks."

But the situation is improving as many hotels are getting pet-friendlier, with specially designed rooms for customers with pets and public facilities for pets to enjoy.

Shanghai Daily surveyed several pet-friendly hotels in Shanghai and neighboring travel destinations for pet owners. A telephone consultation is recommended as the hotel policies vary for accommodation of pets.

Hyatt Regency Chongming

Sitting in the east of the ecological Chongming Island, the resort provides a natural frolicking land for pets, with a prime location close to Dongtan Wetland Park, Dongping National Forest Park and Xisha Wetland Park.

The hotel boasts 25 rooms for dogs, with an outdoor garden. Canine facilities in the room include a dog house and sleeping pads, dog food and other care products. A dog license and vaccination certificate are required for check-in. Each dog will get a bone-shaped ID along with the room card. A dog-only meadow is set aside for canines to run loose and burn off energy. Dog toilets are scattered around the hotel with litter bags to collect droppings. However, dogs are not allowed in other public areas such as restaurants and gyms. Dog food and water will be sent to the room every day. Hygiene is guaranteed as each pet room will be thoroughly sterilized before new customers check in. At the moment the pet rooms are available only for small and medium-sized dogs no heavier than 30 kilograms, and only one dog is allowed per room. Female dogs that are pregnant or in their full rut are not allowed. The cleaning fee is included in the room rate.

Address: Lane 799, Lanhai Rd, Chenjia Town, Chongming Island, Shanghai

Tel: (021) 6703-1234

Pudi Boutique Hotel in Shanghai

It is an art deco hotel hidden in a tranquil lane in the former French concession area. Fuxing Park and Xintiandi, the entertainment and nightlife destination, are within easy walking distance. Three of its 52 rooms are allowed for two pets at most, either dog or cat. Reservations are highly recommended at least two days before you check in. Pets in all sizes are welcome as long as you can keep them well-behaved, but small and medium-sized ones are preferred. Paper documents or certificates are required upon check-in. While you sleep on the bed, your pets can take a cozy nap on the carpet or cushions alongside.

The hotel does not provide any pet food or facilities, so customers have to prepare all care products, sleeping pads and food. Pets are not allowed in public areas inside the hotel but customers can walk their pets outside. All three pet-friendly rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after the last stay. The hotel charges an additional cleaning fee of 345 yuan for each pet for a single night stay per room.

Address: 99 Yandang Rd, Shanghai

Tel: (021) 5101-6060, 5158-5888

Radisson Blu Hotel Pudong Century Park

Close to Century Park in the Pudong New Area, the hotel occupies a convenient location.

A copy of rabies vaccination certificate is required for a stay with your pets at this modern, stylish hotel, with a large outdoor swimming pool and a mini golf course. Customers must sign an agreement regarding possible damage caused by pets. A cleaning fee of 200 yuan plus 15 percent service charge will be added for each pet per night stay. The hotel allows only small pets and customers must carry pets in cages provided while taking them around in public areas. Taking a jog in Century Park with your dog will surely be a refreshing start for an intensive day.

Address: 1199 Yingchun Rd, Shanghai

Tel: (021) 5130-0000

Doubletree by Hilton ResortWuxi Lingshan

A sanctuary from the chaos alongside the vast Taihu Lake in Wuxi, Doubletree by Hilton Resort Wuxi Lingshan is among the first five-star hotels to allow pets in China. But dogs must be no heavier than 35 kilograms. Just 11 of the 447 guest rooms and suites, including some lakeside ones, are allowed for pets. A maximum of two dogs for each room are allowed. A special area for dogs is set aside in each room, and dog shampoo, dog food and sleeping cushions are provided. No paper document or agreement needs to be signed before check-in. A cleaning fee of 220 yuan will be charged for each dog, no matter how long the stay.

Dogs are not allowed in public areas inside the hotel, but there is enough space in between the four hotel villas for the dogs to burn off their energy. Walk around at the lakeside and enjoy the sunshine while your dog runs loose on the lawn.

Address: 99 Qili Fengguang, Wuxi Taihu National Tourism Resort, Jiangsu Province

Tel: (0510) 8535-5000

Oakwood Residence Hangzhou

The homey design and adequate facilities of the service apartments of Oakwood Residence Hangzhou makes the stay relaxed and comfortable. What's more, your pets are allowed by your side, too. You must sign an agreement at the reception and pay a one-time cleaning fee of 300 yuan. All kinds of small-sized pets are welcomed in the 166 guest rooms and suites, but they are not allowed in public areas.

Address: 28 Jiaogong Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Tel: (0571)8899-3131


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