Bei Jing

  • Dove mangiare aragoste
    Where to eating Crawfish
  • Hotel Pechino cucina tailandese di mette in Mostra
    Beijing hotel puts Thai cuisine on show
  • Indonesian Food Festival si apre a Pechino
    Indonesian Food Festival opens in Beijing
  • Yechun casa da tè
    Yechun Teahouse yě chūn chá shè shì yí zuò jiǔ fù shèng míng de bǎi nián lǎo diàn 。 diǎn xin wèi jiā jué , wài xíng měi guān 。 冶春茶社是一座久负盛名的百年老店。点心味佳绝,外形美观。
  • Wumingju
    An internet search for the city’s best beggar’s chicken is sure to turn up Wumingju, a classy restaurant that’s famous for their rendition of this imperial dish.
  • Beijing tagliatelle con pasta di soia
    Beijing Noodles with Soybean Paste is a northern Chinese dish consisting of thick wheat noodles topped with a mixture of stir-fried ground pork and cucumber with fermented soybean paste. Nicknamed as "Chinese spaghetti", the noodles has been popular throughout Beijing.
  • Yipinqing casa da tè
    yì pǐn qīnɡ chá yì ɡuǎn — — yí ɡè jué miào de pǐn mínɡ zhī dì。 逸品清茶艺馆— —一个绝妙的品茗之地.
  • Jhgkju vegetariano
    Yunwei Vegetarian Food Restaurant impresses diners with a simple layout and a sense of buddhism. All dishes are quite creative: diners can smell a light lotus flavor in Hetang Yuese, Lanse Huoyan looks cool and diners will smell its aroma when cutting it apart.
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