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  • Learn Chinese:从and离
    从 cóng  from is used as a co-verb in sentences such asXiǎo Wáng cóng tā jiā lái le zhèr小   王   从   他家 来了这儿 。Xiao Wang came here from his home.离 lí from cannot be used in the same way, but is used to measure the distance between two objects. For instance,Normal07.8 磅02falsefalse...
  • The use of 就
    1. Where should I place 就 in a sentence?就 is an adverb, and it should always be placed before a verb or stative verb.wŏmen xué   wán   le  zhè   kè  kèwén ,   tā   jiù   néng   huí    jiā我们   学   完    了   这   课  课文  ,   他    就    能     回    家WE  STUDY FINISH  LE  THIS  KE ...
  • L'utilizzo del Cai
    Learn Chinese Character : 才 [cái] 才 [ cái ] as a noun. 1. ability; talent; gift; 2. a capable person; 3. a surname 才 [ cái ] as an adverb. 1. Something just happened; 2. indicated that something begin or end to late; 3. The success of one thing depends on some conditions are satisfied 4...
  • I caratteri cinesi più difficili
    Here are the 23 hardest Chinese characters selected from Kangxi Dictionary (康熙字典, the chinese dictionary edited in Qing dynasty), only very few Chinese have seen these characters, not to mention knowing their pronunciation and meaning... HK Newspaper Mingpao News (明報) found them for us.1. This...
  • Use of "liǎo 了 "
    Learn Chinese : 了 [liǎo ]
  • Cinese semplificato < ==> cinese tradizionale
    Simplified Chinese <==> Traditional Chinese var ss="Enter Simplified Chinese text ";var ts="Enter Traditional Chinese text";var tr="Get the traditional Chinese equivalent";var sr="Get the simplified Chinese equivalent";SourceEnter Simplified Chinese textResultGet the traditional Chinese equivalent ...
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