Chinese Etiquette

  • Galateo Serving tè cinese
    jìng chá shì wǒ guó zì gǔ jiù yǒu de mín sú 敬茶是我国自古就有的民俗 Tea Serving Etiquette is one of the traditional Chinese etiquette which has a history of more than 3000 years.
  • Ristoranti cinesi: Credenze e galateo
    Investigating those traditions is part of the fun of a Hong Kong visit, where English-speaking friends or business associates will happily tell you the whys and wherefores of seemingly arcane rituals. You may even hear different versions of how a particular dining tradition originated!
  • Matrimoni di nazionalità Zang
    In Jinchuan County of Aba State, the northwest of Sichuan province, there lives Jiarong Zangzu people, who carry on their old simple wedding customs till today.
  • Regali di tè nel matrimonio personalizzato
    Tea gift, or “Tea Silver”, is a sort of betrothal gifts. In the Tang Dynasty, tea was an indispensable gift in marriage. It has been over 1300 years since Princess Wencheng brought tea into Tibet in line with to the Han etiquette.
  • Maniere cinese nella vita quotidiana
    China is known as a state of etiquette and ceremonies. Many proverbs have been passed down from generation to generation such as 'civility costs nothing' or 'courtesy demands reciprocity' and so on. For instance, there is an interesting short story. Once upon a time, a man went on a long tour to vis...
  • Galateo in trattativa d'affari
    1   Only senior members of the negotiating team will speak. Designate the most senior person in your group as your spokesman for the introductory functions. 2   Business negotiations occur at a slow pace. 3   Be prepared for the agenda to become a jumping off point for other discussions. 4   Chinese...
  • Consigli di galateo cinese
    Learning proper Chinese etiquette takes time and practice. The most important thing to remember is to smile, be sincere, and open-minded. The ability to go with the flow and be patient is essential. The following are some Chinese traditions and etiquette tips.Tips for Making a Great First Impression...
  • Cina Business Meetings galateo
    This article discusses the Chinese business meeting including how to enter a room for a meeting and the proper seating arrangement for the host and guest(s). This is part of an ongoing series of articles on Chinese Business Etiquette. Doing Business in China for Dummies, chapter 16 has a comprehensi...
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