Nome cinese

  • Nome del paese in cinese
    201 Country names in Chinese, English and French
  • Il libro dei cognomi
    赵(zhào) 钱(qián) 孙(sūn) 李(lǐ) 周(zhōu) 吴(wú) 郑(zhèng) 王(wáng) 冯(féng) 陈(chén) 褚(chǔ) 卫(wèi) 蒋(jiǎng) 沈(shěn) 韩(hán) 杨(yáng) 朱(zhū) 秦(qín) 尤(yóu) 许(xǔ) 何(hé) ...
  • Top 20 surnames in China
    Top 20 surnames in China
  • Come nome per il cinese?
    On the third day after the baby's birth, the baby will take a bath, and names will be given to the new born baby. There are two names for the baby, one is a nickname used before going to school, the other is the formal name. The name is very important to the baby, Chinese believe that the name will ...
  • Dandogli un nome cinese
    Giving you a Chinese Name 【What 's your name in China country】Brithday Month:January :长February:栓March :大May:来June :狗 July :守August :傻September :福October:二November:胖December:臭 Day:1st:娟2nd:妮3rd:腿4th:娣5th:球6th:坑7th:年8th:岁9th:娃10th:毛11:剩12:姑13:英14:妹15:肥16...
  • Nome Girl
    .go_top{ position: fixed; top: 60%; left:970px; -position:absolute;}.go_top a,.go_top a:visited{color:red;font-weight:bold;}top A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZAAbie阿贝尔ā bèi ěrAdele阿黛乐ā dài lèAdeline艾德琳ài dé línAdriana阿德...
  • Nome Boy
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z A Aaron亚伦yà lún Abadie阿巴迪ā bā dí Abel亚伯yà bó Abigail阿比盖尔ā bǐ gài ěr Abraham亚伯拉罕yà bó lā hǎn Achille阿希尔ā xīěr Adam亚当yà dāng Adolf阿道夫ā dào fū Adrian阿德...
  • Ragazza cinese nomi e significati
    婉 wǎn – graceful; tactful婷 tíng – graceful贞 zhēn – chaste善 shàn – good (virtuous); benevolent淑 shū – warm and virtuous娟 juān – beautiful; graceful妮 nī – girl; phonetic “ni” (in girl’s name)嫦 cháng – a legendary beauty who flew to the moon贤 xián – worthy (person)娴 xián...
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