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  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-15
    鸭梨 [yā lí ] noun. Often used on the internet as a pun for 压力 [yā lì], which means stress, pressure, burden.
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-14
    我勒个去 [wǒ lēi gè qù]expression. Can be said to be a comical or ridiculing insult/criticism, a kind of helpless or resigned “我靠“.
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-13
    我和小伙伴都惊呆了 [wǒ hé xiǎo huǒ bàn men dōu jīng dāi le] expression. My little buddies and I were all stupefied.
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-12
    吐槽 [tù cáo ] verb.Transliterated from the Japanese word ツッコミ (tsukkomi), this term means “to question or comment creatively on something ironic/funny” and is often oversimplified to mean “complain, grumble”.神马 [shén mǎ] pronoun.A variant of 什么 [shénme] “what” made popular in 201...
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-11
    “Human flesh search” or “human flesh search engine” (人肉搜索引擎) is the Chinese name for when people work together on the internet to find information for a common goal. To “ren rou” (人肉) is a verb.
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-10
    女汉子[nǚ hàn zi] noun. Manly woman. According to Baidu Baike and Hudong Baike, this Chinese internet meme refers to “women who look feminine on the outside but are ‘pure men’ on the inside.” These women are characterized by not being particular about manners or bearing; they are cheerful, ...
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-9
    卖萌 [mài méng] verb.To act cute or play cute.雷 [léi] verb/adjective.Literally thunder/lightning, used to express shock or being shocked or dumbfounded. For example, “雷倒” [lei2 dao1] means literally to be shocked until fallen over, which is to be completely dumbfounded or rendered speechless...
  • Popular Chinese Internet Slang-8
    坑爹 [kēng diē] noun/expression.Someone who has questionable intentions, to deceive or cheat others, or an expression meaning something sucks, is unfair, or one is screwed or in an ironic and undesirable circumstance.基情 [jī qíng ] noun.Gay love, referring to the relationship between gay men or...
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