Parliamo di Constellation Simboli (Cina )

2011-04-21 10.04 ChineseTime

水瓶座(shuǐ píng zuò)



Aquarius - the symbols of water and the air waves, as it is a abstract, from the myth of Aquarius, we can see that the freedom-loving Aquarius and individualism. Aquarius symbol of the wave, is a highly knowledgeable representatives from the wave of Aquarius to think of the nature of the law but did not appear to have specific image, and it is an unpredictable constellation.


双鱼座(shuāng yú zuò)



Pisces symbolizes two fishes, of which they will be a ribbon ties together .By the myth,we can think Pisces has escape character. Two fishes travel in diffirent directions, this symbolizes contradictions and complexity.

 白羊座(bái yáng zuò)



Aries symbols of the sheep's head, the method is a pictographic, sheep removed the most obvious part of the Yanggakdo and the bridge of the nose, from the myth of Aries can think of some characteristics, such as impulsive and courage. By On the other hand, some people that Aries symbol is the symbol of the new green shoot, showing new life and the earth thriving scene.


金牛座(jīn niú zuò)



Taurus—— the symbols of the cattle's head is a simple lines to depict the image of cattle; by the myth can be found Taurus, Taurus looks tame, but their hearts full of desire.  From another perspective, the round face of the cattle show comfort and pleasures, but the Horns above the tips we have the outbreak of temper.


双子座(shuāng zǐ zuò)



the symbols Gemini twins, compared to the previous two symbols, a bit more abstract; from Gemini can know the myth of the duality of the Gemini and inner contradictions. In fact, Gemini is not only represented by the binary, but the so-called odd, one can see its wide, on the one hand may also hinted at the superficial.



巨蟹座(jù xiè zuò)



Cancer of the symbols chest, and that is clear Cancer chest; Cancer by the myth can imagine, there is a feeling of home, and also the jealousy.  On the other hand it was also noted that, in fact Cancer is the sign of Cancer symbol of crustacean, which can be seen by the Cancer characteristics of a self-protection, and concealment practices.




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