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Background Info
Background information about enter China

Valid visas are required, and those who arrive in China without a visa may be fined at the port of entry and may not be allowed to enter China. The Chinese government does not permit fo-reigners to visit some areas of China. Reconfirmation of departure reservations is essential. Travelers have been stranded when outgoing flights are overbooked and reservations have not been reconfirmed. For information about entry requirements and restricted areas, travelers may consult the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. For more information regarding visas, contact the Visa Section of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China at (202) 328-2517 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

On arrival in China, travelers must fill in Entry Registration Cards, and present passports, visas and quarantine certificates for inspection. All luggage, goods and packages must be checked by the quarantine inspectors before being allowed to enter China.

Entry of travelers with VD, leprosy or infectious pulmonary tuberculosis is prohibited.

Those who wish to bring into China old and waste materials, food, micro-organisms, biological products, portions of human body, blood or its products, or animals that may spread infectious diseases among humans must declare them in full detail. Travelers from areas with epidemic yellow fever must show valid certificates of inoculation against this disease before being allowed to enter China.

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