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Learn Chinese: Eating 北(běi) 京(jīng) 烤(kǎo) 鸭(yā)

Beijing roast duck restaurants

Beijing duck is the local flavor of Beijing. Climbing the Great Wall, enjoying Beijing Opera and savoring Beijing Duck are the three "musts" for those visiting Beijing for the first time, which you cannot miss. The traditional method of preparing Beijing Duck has a history of over a hundred years and boasts a great reputation to this day. If you ask which is the best Beijing duck house ( restaurant ) in Beijing, different people will offer you difserent answers. Actually it is quite a personal taste of which one is the best. However, the Beijing roast duck restaurants below are normally considered to be the top 7 in Beijing:

1.Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck

Quanjude is one most famous Beijing duck restaurant. Set up in the 1860's during the Qing Dynasty, it has a unique taste that none can resist. Quan Ju De has got a name for itself both at home and abroad by offering traditional roasted ducks.

2.Beijing Bianyifang Roast Duck

Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant was established in the 15th century. The roasted duck here is crisp, fragrant and delicious, and the price reasonable.

3.Jin Bai Wan Roast Duck Restaurant

Jin Bai Wan Roast Duck Restaurant was once selected as the best roast duck restaurant in many magazines in terms ofits taste and management. It is hard to find a restaurant that mixes such great value with excellent food.

4.Beijing Xiao Wang Fu Roast Duck Restaurant

“Little Wang's Home” expects that all his clients feel comfortable and at home while have meals at his restaurant. They have 3 branch restaurants. The rooms inside are freshly painted, and the waiters are all armed with walkie-talkies.

5.Beijing Ya Wang Roast Duck Restaurant

Ya Wang ( King Duck ) roast duck restaurant are not satisfied with traditional Beijing roasted duck and goes one step further, keeping the conventional features of roast duck-sweet, savory, and crispy-while doing away with the oiliness.

6.Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant

This is supposed to be the most famous place to have the Peking Duck. It is usually packed with both locals and westerners. It is hard to get a table without advance booking. 

7.Beijing Jiu Hua Shan Roast Duck Restaurant

Jiu Hua Shan is big, not quite as pleasant as the Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, but it's more conveniently located for people in the west of Beijing.

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