2011-05-10 17:21 ChineseTime

New Movie-The Tangshan Earthquake

The China Earthquake of July 28,1976

No other earthquake in this century has been as catastrophic or has claimed as many lives as the great earthquake that struck the city of Tangshan, in Morthen China, on Joly 28,1976. Tangshan, a thriving industrial city with one million inhabitants, is located only about 96 miles east,and slightly south, of Beijing.  



Although the region had experienced moderate seismic actinity in the past, the city of Tangshan has been built on unstable, alluvial soil. To make matters worse. The city is located in the center of an area with major crustal faults on four sides. Furthermore, a 25-mile long fault passes through Tangshan, where noly few of its structures are earthquake-resistant. 


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