7 Facts that make you say "Amazing"

2017-09-02 18:45 ChineseTime

七个让你惊呼“厉害了”的冷知识 | 7 Facts that make you say "Amazing"

Sitting too close to the TV won't harm your eyes more


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

While watching a lot of TV can cause eye fatigue and potentially harm your vision, sitting too close doesn't make much of a difference, if any. However, this myth was true back before the 1950s, when companies made televisions that emitted dangerous levels of radiation...up to 100,000 times more than what federal officials deemed safe.


The forbidden fruit in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible is never mentioned to be an apple


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

The book of Genesis mentions that the fruit came from a tree, but it doesn't say what kind of fruit, or what kind of tree. Apples started being associated with the story around the 12th century, possibly because of a Latin pun wherein the word "malus" means both "apple" and "evil."



Lemmings don't run off cliffs


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

The myth about lemmings committing suicide by running off cliffs came about from the 1950s nature documentary White Wilderness, produced by Disney. The filmmakers faked the scene in question (and allegedly actually threw lemmings off a cliff) in order to make it seem like they were willfully committing suicide.


Carrots aren't better for your eyesight than any other vegetable with beta carotene


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

If you listened to your mom, you would think that carrots give you superpowered vision or something. The truth is that carrots contain beta carotene, which helps your body produce vitamin A, which does nourish your eyes. But there are plenty of other foods (such as sweet potatoes or goat liver) that also contain beta carotene, and vitamin A only helps keep your eyes healthy, not make them superhuman.


The Great Wall of China is not the only man-made object visible from space; in fact, it's barely visible at all


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

If you're in a very low orbit and you use some kind of scope or zoom in with a camera, then sure, you can probably just barely make out the Great Wall from space. But you could also see the Great Pyramid or a bunch of other large structures, too...and seeing any of them from a higher orbit with the naked eye is probably impossible.


There's no such thing as an alpha wolf


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

A wildlife biologist by the name of L. David Mech published a book based on his observations of wolves in the wild. In it, he mentioned that he noticed "alpha wolves" leading small packs, and the popularity of the book made that term a common one. However, what Mech observed was actually just wolf parents and their grown cubs, so the concept of an "alpha wolf" as we know it is almost entirely wrong. Mech has tried to take his book out of print, and even wrote a paper correcting it.

一个叫做L. David Mech的野生动物学家,曾经在观察野狼的基础上出过一本书。在书中,他提到每一支狼小队都由一两只“头狼”引导着。这一说法随着这本书的大卖而火了。但事实上,Mech观察到的只是带着它们的幼崽的狼父母而已,所以我们所知道的“头狼”的概念几乎是完全不存在的。意识到了自己误导后的Mech曾试图停止翻印书籍,甚至写了一篇论文来进行纠错。

Doing sit-ups doesn't burn stomach fat


7 Facts that make you say Amazing

Many people think that stomach exercises will help burn off stomach fat, but all it does is strengthen your abdominal muscles. In order to burn off fat, you have to do some form of exercise and healthy eating. And no, there's no way to specifically target belly fat before other areas of your body.




Source: Buzzfeed

Editor & Translator: Jiao Jie, Shen Hui (intern)

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