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2015-04-28 11:46 ChineseTime

níng bō dì tiě yí hào xiàn dì èr liè zhǔ tí chē  

主题 [zhǔ tí]:  theme; subject;

Another themed subway train runs in Ningbo

A Dongqian Lake-themed subway train opened on Ningbo's subway Line 1 on April 21.

It isn't bound for Dongqian Lake; actually, the inside of the subway train is covered with pictures of the Lake's scenery, such as green tea fields, blooming tulips and golden rape flowers.

Therefore, passengers can get some idea of the famous lake on the carriages. "It is a spring subway," said a resident.

The subway train has six carriages, each with a different theme, aiming at introducing Dongqian Lake from landscapes, regimen, sports, ecology, history and entertainment.

This is Ningbo's third themed subway train. The other two have underwater and tourism themes.

According to Ningbo Rail Transit, the train will depart 21 times every day.

Dongqian Lake, southeast of the city's Yinzhou district, is the largest natural freshwater lake in the province and is roughly four times the size of the famous West Lake in Hangzhou, the province's capital city. It has been a famous scenic spot since ancient times.

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