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2013-11-29 12:42 ChineseTime

Bus to Shaolin

There are two long-distant bus stations next to the Luoyang Railway Station, Jinyuan Bus-Stop Station and Luoyang Long-distant Bus Station. I went to Luoyang Railway Station to buy a bus ticket at the ticket counter, Y17. I told them I wanted to go to Shaolin, they sold me the ticket without telling me where to take the bus. I had to find the bus myself by asking people who worked there. The bus was waited near the exit gate. It was a small bus with TV, clean and stop along the way to pick up passengers.

I believe they have many buses that go to Shaolin each day. But my advise is that try to go there in the early morning like 6am because there are so much things to see in Shaolin especially Mt Song, take times to walk around to see beautiful scenery.

On the way back from Shaolin to Luoyang, don't worry they are plenty of buses waiting outside the Shaolin gate. Most of the buses will stop at Luoyang Long-Distant Bus Station. I paid Y20.

Duration: 2 hours each way.




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