Career Horoscope Today 20120824

2012-08-24 10:18 ChineseTime

Career Horoscope Today

Aries--白(bái) 羊(yáng) 座(zuò)
When you don't find the answer that you are looking for today, try not to get upset and lash out at everyone around you. Trust that the answer will come. It may not come when you want it to, but you will have it when you truly need it.

Taurus--金(jīn) 牛(niú) 座(zuò)
Skirting around the issues today will not get you where you want to go. You are better off facing the music. When you do so, you will actually find that they are playing your tune. Opportunities in the business world are picking up for you.fortune your way.

Gemini--双(shuāng) 子(zǐ) 座(zuò)
You may try violently to stand your ground today, but why bother? It is worth it to actually take the opposing argument into account. You have an incredible opportunity in front of you in which you can grow and learn a great deal. Embrace it.

Cancer--巨(jù) 蟹(xiè) 座(zuò)
If you purposefully provoke other people today, they will not hesitate to lash back. Think twice before you pick a fight with someone you encounter during your daily work routine. The long-term effects of such a conflict could be quite detrimental.

Leo--狮(shī) 子(zi) 座(zuò)
Don't make mountains out of molehills today. Someone's off-the-cuff comment made this morning could cripple you for the rest of the day if you are not careful. Your sensitive nature is easily hurt. Protect it with a suit of armor.

Virgo--处(chú) 女(nǚ) 座(zuò)
Other people may insist that you need to slow down, but you don't necessarily have to listen. Today may be a slight downer, but the larger trend is quite positive for you. You are moving on an upward spiral to success. Don't stop now.

Libra--天(tiān) 枰(píng) 座(zuò)
Use this day in the most productive way possible. Set your plans now. You have the potential to be extremely successful with whatever you pursue. Take advantage of the certainty you have today because most likely, it won't be there tomorrow.

Scorpio--天(tiān) 蝎(xiē) 座(zuò)
You are in a high-energy period in which you can accomplish quite a bit. Make sure that you are focusing this energy on your own goals instead of letting this energy go to waste on other things. Career success is attainable, if you truly want it.

Sagittarius--射(shè) 手(shǒu) 座(zuò)
Tension connected with work continues to build and there seems to be no end in sight. Take time out for yourself in order to preserve your sanity. Getting too caught up in the drama of the workplace is dangerous right now.

Capricorn--摩(mó) 羯(jié) 座(zuò)
You are building up to a very climactic point with regard to your career. Make sure you and your job are in proper alignment. Make minor adjustments today, but try to refrain from making any pivotal decisions. Wait until all the nickels have dropped.

Aquarius--水(shuǐ) 瓶(píng) 座(zuò)
Unfortunately, you aren't able to make the connections you want to today. People you call are unavailable and your keynote speaker is unable to attend the meeting
you scheduled. Accept this and trust that these things have happened for the best.

Pisces--双(shuāng) 鱼(yú) 座(zuò)
Events continue to be hectic in the workplace and the last thing that exists is peace. Don't get too bent out of shape over this fact. Realize that this is just a phase and that you can actually benefit by being a bit more assertive yourself.

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