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2014-01-13 07:59 ChineseTime

Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Fuzhou Changle International Airport (FOC) is situated 55 kilometers from downtown Fuzhou. There are 65 domestic services daily to cities all over China including Beijing (2.5hrs), Shenzhen (1hr 10mins), Shanghai (1hr), Guangzhou (1hr), Wuyishan Mountain (30mins), Harbin (4.5hrs), Chongqing (3hrs) and Xian (2.5hrs).

Flights out of mainland China from Fuzhou include Hong Kong (1.5hrs) and Macau (1.5hrs), and a new service to Osaka has been slated to fly from the city three flights a week since September, 2007.

A shuttle bus operates from the Apollo Hotel in downtown Fuzhou. It takes about an hour and a half to get to the airport and costs RMB25. Taxis to the airport from the city cost up to RMB 120, though if you arrange for a pick-up in advance a much better price can be negotiated.

Address:  Zhangguang Town, Changle , Fuzhou
Getting there:  Take the airport shuttle
Contact:  0591 2801 3372 
Updated:  Mar 03, 2011

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