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2014-08-12 21:37 ChineseTime

Liyuan Library in Beijing-live in beijing

lí yuàn shū wū wèi yú běi jīng jiāo qū de huái róu xiǎo zhèn 。

shū wū ké yǐ xiàng yóu kè jí cūn mín tí gōng miǎn fèi de yuè lǎn dú wù hé kōng jiān ,
提(tí) 供(gōng) :provide; supply;
tóng shí yì kě zuò wéi yóu kè jí cūn mín xiāng hù jiāo liú de yí chù qīng shě yǎ yuàn 。

亦(yì) = 也(yě):also / 及(jí) = 和(hé):and

Liyuan Library (means library made of firewoods in Chinese ), designed by a professor of Tsinghua University, is located in Huairou District, Beijing. As a feature, the library is enveloped in 40,000 firewoods.

There are few people in the library. You can do everything but disturb others. The library is totally open to public and free. Even the librarian there servers without salary.

In the library, there is no power, no water. So people can only count on the daylight for reading, plus, there is no toilet in the library, either. The library is closed as soon as it is dark. But since the library is in a village, visitors can have dinner and rest in the village.

Liyuan Library is honored as the most beautiful, innovative and romantic library in Beijing by netizens. It’s really a wonderful place of peace.

There are more than 10,000 books in the library, which are unfortunately not classified yet. All the books are on the shelves without rhyme or reason. If you want to find the book you want to see, well, work hard and good luck.

Visitors are welcome to donate books to the library. And everyone who donates 3 books can take 1 book away.


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