Chinese Pronunciation
The phonetic symbols of putonghua comprises 21 initials that are consonants beginning a syllable.
发音要领Essentials of Pronunciation
r:舌尖后浊擦音。发音部位与sh 相同,但摩擦力软轻,声带振动。
A voiced blade-palatal fricative. It is pronunced in position for "sh" ,but the friction is soft. The vocal cord vibrates.
发音要领Essentials of Pronunciation
w:w和y一样也是特殊符号,不能独立构成音节。它只代表u,也只在某些自成音节的拼音组合中出现。元音u在汉语中只能作为一个拼音字母,在它逢成音节时,前面要加w。变成[wu]在[ua]、[uai]、[uo]等复韵母自成音节时,u要变成w 写作[wa]、[wai]、[wo]。
Same as y, w also special sign, can't form syllable alone. It only expresses u, and appears in some Pin-Yin joinder of standing as a alones. The vowel u can only become one Pin-Yin character in Chinese, when it forms syllable alone should add w before it, becomes [wu]. When [ua],[uai],[uo] etc. Compound vowles form syllable alone, chang u to w, are writted as [wa],[wai],[wo].
发音要领Essentials of Pronunciation
如元音i和ü都只是一个拼音字母在它们自成音节时,前面都要加上y变成[yi]、[yu] (ü上面的两点要去掉)[ia]、[ie]、[ian]等复韵母自成音节时应写成y,即[ya]、[ye]、[yan]。
y is special sign in Chinese Pin-Yin, it can't form syllable alone. It sometimes expresses I and ü. In general, it always appears in some Pin-Yin joinder form of standing as a syllable alone.
Exalple: The vowelü and I are all only one Pin-Yin characted. When standing as a syllable as a syllable alone, they should be added y before them. Their forms are [yi],[yu] (erase two dot upon ü).
When [ia], [ie],[ian] etc. Compound finals forms syllable alone, I should be written y ,so their forms are [ya], [ye], [yan].
[iu] is a special compound final, when it forms syllables alone, is written as [you]. When y express ü, different from y express I, should add y before ü, meantime erase two dot rather than replace y.
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