DUI China

2011-05-23 10:33 ChineseTime

Dui China

Dui:duì 对

Frequency: 32.427?
    (v.)answer, reply;treat, cope with, counter;be trained on, face;bring two things into contact, fit one into the other;suit, agree, get along
  • 无言以对have nothing to say in reply
  • 他对我很好。He treats me well.
  • 把枪口对准敌人train one’s gun on the enemy
  • 这个房子对着大街。The house faces the street.
  • 对个火儿。Give me a light, please.
  • 吸烟对健康有害。Smoking is injurious to health.

    (adj.)opposite, opposing;right, correct
  • 对岸the opposite bank
  • 他今天神色不对。He doesn’t look himself today.
  • 对,就这么办。All right, just go ahead.


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