Learn Chinese--吃力

2014-06-23 07:53 ChineseTime

Learn Chinese--吃力-tired

Literal meaning: to eat force.
Figuratively meaning: to be a strain or strenuous, exhausting or be exhausted.

1. fèi lì
   费  力 (need or use great effort; be strenuous)

nà wèi shānɡ yuán chī lì dì zhàn le qǐ lái 。
The wounded soldier has made efforts to stand up.

tā xué xí chī lì 。
He has difficulty in his studies.

2. pí láo
   疲  劳 ( tired ; fatigued)

ɡǎn dào pí láo / ɡǎn dào chī lì
感   到 疲  劳/  感  到  吃  力
suffer from fatigue;

*3. jīnɡ dé qǐ yā lì
     经  得 起 压 力 (can stand the strain)

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