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  • De maan schijnt op optische illusies voor Mid-Autumn Festival
    The moon shines on optical illusions for Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Kamers met een ander soort weergave
    A player searching for clues he hopes will lead him out of a sealed chamber in Wuhan, Hubei province. Miao Jian / For China DailyNew, challenging escape mania sweeps capital. Zheng Xin reportsTrapped in a dark and locked room with no recourse to anything but some seemingly irrelevant objects - a bro...
  • Dat is één koele spel Mahjong
    A man, donned in full diving gear, shows his mahjong tiles underwater in a swimming pool in Xiangtan, Central China's Hunan province, Aug 9, 2013. Four divers, equipped with oxygen tanks, played mahjong to avoid the scorching heat as temperatures fall to 29 C at 5.5-meters deep and 11 C at 10-meters...
  • Opa 'MaDiGaGa' neemt China door storm
    72-year-old Liu Qianping, also known as "MaDiGaGa", poses for a modelling shoot in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou Nov 24, 2012. Liu was visiting his 24-year-old granddaughter, Lu Ting in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou one day when the women's clothes Lu was packing into boxes caught ...
  • Apple’s launch of iPhone 5 mocked in China
    Has Chinese love affair with Apple’s products died with its former leader Steve Jobs, who enjoyed a cult-like status in China? Not sure, but the iPhone 5, which at first sight looks nothing different from its predecessors other than half an inch longer, has clearly disappointed Chinese consumers.Ne...
  • Actrices gespeeld Su Daji
    Su daji
  • Facebook oprichter verscheen op CCTV documentaire
    měi guó zhe míng shè jiāo píng tái Facebook chuàng shǐ rén mǎ kè · zhā kè bó gé , 美 国 着 名 社 交 平 台 Facebook 创 始 人 马 克 · 扎 克 伯 格 , jū rán hé qī zi yǐ bèi jǐng lù rén shēn fèn 居 然 和 妻 子 以 背 景 路 人 身 份 chū xiàn ...
  • Rainbow en bliksem verschijnen op hetzelfde moment
    5yuè 13 rì bàng wǎn 5月13 日 傍 晚 bào yǔ guò hòu hǎi kǒu shì shàng kōng 暴 雨 过 后 海 口 市 上 空 tóng shí chū xiàn cǎi hóng hé shǎn diàn liǎng zhǒng jǐng guān 同 时 出 现 彩 虹 和 闪 电 两 种 景 观
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