Slang voor leven

  • Leer Chinese leven Slangs III
    大女人/ 小女人 [dà nǔrén, xiǎo nǔrén] 'Big woman', 'small woman': The first is an independent girl who can handle most tasks by herself, while 'small woman' is a girl that often relies on her husband (or boyfriend) or on other people to assist her, and cannot manage things on her own.
  • Leer Chinese leven Slangs II
    坐冷板凳 [zuò lěng bǎndèng] 'Sit in the cold on a bench' - Wait in vain for someone who isn't coming.
  • Leer Chinese leven Slangs ik
    添油加醋 [tiān yóu jiā cù]-- 'Add oil and vinegar', adding spice; to embroider the facts, to add false facts to a story.
  • New Fashion Slang 2011
    微博 Microblog山寨 copycat异地恋 long-distance relationship剩女 3S lady(single,seventies,stuck)/left girls熟女 cougar(源自电影Cougar Club)裸婚 naked wedding炫富 flaunt wealth团购 group buying人肉搜索 flesh search潮人:trendsetter发烧友: fancier骨感美女:boney beauty卡奴:card slave下午茶 hi...
  • doen alsof varken, eten tijger
    Learn Chinese Life Slang: bàn zhū chī láo hǔ 扮  猪  吃  老  虎 Said of someone who pretends to be dumb but is actually clever; Not really a dumb pig, just pretending to be.zhè jù huà yòng “ zhēn rén bú lòu xiāng ” jiě shì bǐ jiào hǎo 这  句 话  用   “ 真   人  不 露  相    ” ...
  • Kook elektrische gesprek PAP
    Chinese Slang, a satirical and humorous aspect of the Chinese language, can help the Chinese learnersunderstand the language. We hope, by introducing some practical Chinese slang, you will get a glimpse into the economic and cultural changes that continue to occurin China.
  • Worden ontslagen
    Learn Chinese Slang:chǎo yóu yú 炒    鱿   鱼 chǎo yóu yú 炒    鱿   鱼  to be fired, sacked鱿鱼 means cuttlefishIn literal terms, it means fried cuttlefish, as you probably already know. In slang terms, it means to be fired, as in sacked from a job.This interesting expression can be traced ba...
  • U verslapen
    You oversleptnǐ shuì guò tóu la !你 睡 过 头 啦!
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