Apple’s launch of iPhone 5 mocked in China

2012-09-14 17:15 ChineseTime

Has Chinese love affair with Apple’s products died with its former leader Steve Jobs, who enjoyed a cult-like status in China? Not sure, but the iPhone 5, which at first sight looks nothing different from its predecessors other than half an inch longer, has clearly disappointed Chinese consumers.

Netizens, who never fail to amp up humor and satire with their adept use of image manipulation software like Photoshop, ruthlessly mocked iPhone 5 with designs they’ve invented for its successors.

@天才小熊猫:If every time the screen of the (new) iPhone is stretched a bit, you will see this when iPhone 50 is unveiled.

@变态辣椒:@天才小熊猫 That design of yours is just too long and too inconvenient for use. Look at my design. Talking about multi-purpose!

@法号野合: “iPhone 10, let Little Rice (Xiaomi, Chinese copycat of iPhone) and Sausage (Huo Tui Chang, nickname for HTC) go to hell.”


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