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2012-09-17 11:22 ChineseTime

Chinese Character Game

Chinese Character Game

The Chinese Character Game is a mini-game where players can raise their own virtual pet fish in an aquarium setting. It is designed for foreign learners who have acquired the basics of Chinese and covers 150 New HSK (Level 1) words, which are represented by different types of fish. If players pronounce, spell and use a word correctly in the game, the corresponding fish to that word will be fed. Throughout the game, players have the option of trading their fish for coins. The more coins players collect, the higher the level they will reach within the game. Players can also play the game in the mode of Challenge to test their command of Chinese characters. This game makes it easy for players to increase their knowledge of the Chinese language and its cultural history, as well as improving their basic communicative skills, all while stimulating their interest in learning Chinese and enjoying the fun of learning!

版本 1.2 中的新功能

1.Fix bug related to entering the name of the fish for easier use.
2.Adjust the maximum length of questions as displayed on the feeding interface.
3. Add hint (√) after choosing “decoration”.
4. Add “evaluation” icon for players reaching the level of Xiucai to complete a quick survey about the game.
5. Unify the format of question choices and revise the questions.
6. Improve the slide operation on the fish-buying interface.
7. Improve the login interface and the operation flow.
8. Improve contents on “help” and “module instructions”.
9.Support iOS 4.0 or above.


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