Cztery pory roku, oglądanie Inn

2013-12-26 17:37 ChineseTime

Four Seasons Viewing Inn

From its perch on the magnificent Huang Mountain, the Four Seasons Viewing Inn offers guests a spectacular view of the entire idyllic town of Lijiang. And yet, amid all this rustic splendor, the inn is well-equipped with internet service, cable TV, and modern bathrooms. Laundry service and local specialty snacks and food are available as well. Make a reservation today, and our driver will meet you at the airport to transport you to this land of wonders.

Four Seasons Viewing Inn


TEL: 0888-8880844

Address: No. 57 Xin Hua Street down the Huang Mountain, Li Jiang, Yunnan Province

Website: (Welcome to know more about us)


From--China Daily

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