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2011-04-13 10:23 ChineseTime

China holds the promise of major economic opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs, but having the language skills and cultural knowledge needed to make a good impression could mean the difference between closing a deal and going home empty-handed.

ChineseTime Business Chinese Course is an advanced Chinese language course designed for students who know basic Chinese and are interested in doing business in Chinese-speaking communities. Students learn specialized business and economic vocabulary and conventions of business interaction and correspondence. Practical business-focused reading, writing, discussion, and presentation will be organized to build up students’ comprehensive abilities as a preparation to participate in various business activities and to deal with different business documents.

Intermediate Level Online Skype

Target people can read/write in pinyin, master 300 basic vocabularies and common sentence patterns.
You will learn use business-oriented text books introducing practical vocabulary, sentence structures, and grammar.
You will achieve read business related articles and statistical information; know business customs and practices; master the necessary skills of answering the telephone, responding to business inquiries, and making appointments;


 Advanced Level Online Skype

Target people can read/write Chinese characters (500), fluent in day-to-day conversations
You will learn study appropriate level text book concentrating on increasing vocabulary and grammar,writing, listening, and speaking. will focus on business conversation, financial news, and e-commerce.
You will achieve taking messages and writing brief summary reports in Chinese; making formal presentations; review basic business documents including invoices, shipping documents, bank statements, and brochures introducing new products; write basic business communications including letters, reports and resumes.


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