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  • China Guardian 2013 Spring Auctions opens in Beijing
    China Guardian Auctions Co, one of the top auction houses in China, will present more than 3,900 items at its spring sale in May in Beijing, including rare Chinese paintings and calligraphy and vintage porcelain and furniture.The spring sale will have 42 categories for its various market segments.Hi...
  • Rzadkich znalezisk zabytkowe rynki Beijing
    A blue Tibetan goddess for sale in Beijing Curio City. From centuries old relics to last year's DVDs, almost every conceivable thing produced in China can be found in Beijing's antique markets.When visiting Beijing's antique markets, it becomes clear that China is a country with more history than it...
  • Najwspanialszych atrakcji Beijing
    Beijing – the capital city embodies China's ancient civilization and rich cultural history. Alongside all of the historical buildings, temples, and gates is the juxtaposition of a modern China filled with skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and a vibrant art and music scene.From the travel blogs an...
  • Ulica Houhai Bar
    Houhai Bar Streethòu hǎi jiǔ bā jiē 后海酒吧街(in the night)The Houhai Bar Street in the famous Shichahai area of Beijing is a place where traditional Chinese and western culture hits. When the first bar opened at a common Siheyuan (四合院, quadrangle courtyard) in the area in 2000, there wer...
  • Panjiayuan Pchli targ
    Panjiayuan Flea Market
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