Kultury żywności

  • Liangcha - herbata ziołowa
    Herbal tea[凉茶] is a nice choice, regardless of season. The Chinese herbal tea or cold tea is a drink concocted from medicinal herbals to ease the summer heat in human's body or sore throat caused by the dry winter.
  • Festiwal Qingming niestandardowe w prowincji Szantung
    A local woman makes swallow-shaped steamed bread in Tanxi village, Wendeng county, east China's Shandong province, March 27, 2014. Making steamed bread in the shape of swallow before Qingming Festival, which falls on April 5 this year, is a custom in east Shandong province.
  • Żywność kultury Północnej i Południowej Chiny
    China is an extremely vast land, and it is not hard to imagine that different places of China have different food cultures.
  • Shaomai
    烧(shāo) 麦(mài) Steamed Pork Dumplings
  • Baozi i Mantou
    A baozi is a type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like (i.e. made with yeast) item in various Chinese cuisines, as there is much variation as to the fillings and the preparations. In its bun-like aspect it is very similar to the traditional Chinese mantou. It can be filled with meat and/or vegetaria...
  • Zdrowa żywność dla smoggy Pogoda
    On Monday morning several cities and provinces woke up to smoggy conditions due to bad weather and the recent holiday fireworks, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi. The burden on the respiratory tract and lungs is much heavier in this kind of weather, so below are a few food reco...
  • Pochodzenia Fotiaoqiang
    This is a well-known dish of Fuzhou.It is made of an assortment of materials:
  • Wiosna nieodzowną część festiwalu: tradycyjne przekąski
    Spring Festival's indispensable part: traditional snacks
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